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I want to make a reservation for two adults(couple) starting from 14/10/2009-28/10/2009.
However, a Certified Bank Cheque of 7,550 EURO will be sent to you, that will cover our rental services and you should keep the remaining money which will be used by the couple for their daily welfare on their arrival. So,confirm this and provide me with the followings:
(1) The total costof the reservation for the 14 days starting from 14/10/2009- 28/10/2009
(2)  YOUR FULL NAME (name for cheque of 7,550 EUROS )
(3) ADDRESS (for cheque delivery)
(4) PHONE NUMBERS. for payment to be delivered to you.
Please remember that this business requires prompt response.I also hope there stay will be made comfortable.The clients name are below for the paper work
Timothy and Ann King 12 London Rd . .Ashford. Middx. TW15 3AAUK .
David Cole

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