Unpaid Beneficiary from United Nation Organization

24. März 2019 – 07:53

From: Ms. Heidi Mendoza
Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary
General For Internal Oversight Services

To: Unpaid Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that I came to United Kingdom yesterday from Canada after series of complaint from the FBI and other Security agencies from Asia,Europe, South America and the United States of America respectively, against The British Government for the high volume of fraudulent activities going that is on in these two nations.

Right now, as directed by UN secretary General named António Guterres we are working in collaborations with the British Financial Crime Commission/agencies and we have decided to waive away all your clearance fees/Charges and authorized the Government of British to effect your overdue payment worth $10.5M only into your account without any delay as approved and instructed by AMERICAN government and UNITED NATIONS;

Sincerely, you are a lucky person because I have just discovered that some top British and Canadian Government officials are interested in your fund and they are working in collaboration with One Mr. Richard Graves from USA to frustrate you and thereafter divert your fund into their personal account.

You can view this page for your perusal

We are going to pay you from our compensation fund scheme.

Note that I have a very limited time to stay in UK here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message with your details; so that I can advise you on how best to receive your fund from me within the next 72 hours.

1. Your full names:…………………..
2. Residential address:……………….
3. Telephone phone number:……………..

You can reach me for now with below information:

Email: un.org54@gmail.com

Sincerely yours
Ms. Heidi Mendoza.

Spende für dich

12. März 2019 – 09:22

Meine Namen sind Frances und Patrick Connolly aus Nordirland, Großbritannien.

Ich und meine Frau möchten meine guten Neuigkeiten mit Ihnen und Ihrer Familie teilen. Ich habe am Neujahrstag 1.1.2019 einen Lotterie-Jackpot von 115 Millionen Euro gewonnen. Ich möchte für Sie und Ihre Familie 2,1 Millionen Euro im Namen meiner Frau und meiner Kinder spenden.

Ich möchte, dass Sie die öffentliche Wohltätigkeitsorganisation erreichen, weil ich weiß, wie schwer es ist, täglich Brot zu machen.

Tragen Sie zur Armutsbekämpfung, öffentlichen Spenden und helfen Sie armen Menschen in Ihrer Gemeinde.

Ich habe dich gewählt, weil ich an dich glaube.

Ich brauche Ihre volle Mitarbeit bezüglich dieser Spende. Dies ist kein Witz und ich brauche Ihre 100% ige Zusammenarbeit.

Antworten Sie mir für weitere Informationen



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