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The Optimist

Everyone has certain talents and abilities make it legendary. Optimistic people know exactly what their strengths and are constantly working to consolidate them.

Pessimists always give themselves to blame and look for the mistakes and always responsible for yourself is very different, the optimists, they make external circumstances for problems. Positive-minded people still believe in their strengths and to achieve their goals. Check off the unpleasantness of the past and let it rest. For if you focus on the future reached its destination faster.

„Keep Cool“. Stay calm, even in stressful situations. That may be easier said than done. But possible. Take a deep breath and tell yourself again and again „that I create“ or „I’ve already overcome so much in my life, I also get the point.“ For, as soon as our brain releases stress hormones, it’s over with confidence.

Forgive – please excuse
Learning to forgive others. Is not always easy, but you throw it off a lot of weird psychological ballast. Positive chosen people find it easier with the „please excuse“ – they never feel like a victim.

Self-praise stinks – quite the contrary
Once you have a problem or a goal achieved, praise be, „I’ve been great.“ Be proud of yourself and reward yourself. Go to book the movies, a short break, treat yourself to a candle-lit dinner. That your soul is doing well and you radiate automatically from self-confidence.

Envy, what is it?
My neighbor drives a big car? Her sister made more money or looks better? So what? Compare yourself with others. For, envy and jealousy are an absolute killer strength. Pooling up on the positive. To say „I am beautiful, I’m rich, I’m confident, I am strong!

Perform monologues
Strengthen our self-talk self-confidence and improve their own performance. So, you dare and speak with him. Try it in a moment from undisturbed.

Do not pull the brake
So often we hear: „I can not complain, I’m happy with what I did.“ And that with this statement, you slow down and make themselves smaller. Optimists always set new goals, work on their creativity, their willpower and their self-confidence.

Take criticism seriously – but never in person
Attached criticism is in order. Pessimists on the other hand take criticism personally. Not so the optimists. For them, their goals are in focus and not what others expect of them. talk quite after the motto „Let the people …“. So, take your criticism is not too much to heart. You can not please everyone anyway.