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We Are Refunding Your Money

The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO, INTERPOL)
Website: http://www.interpol.int

Your Compensation Approval Message: „Sorry for the late response“

Inline with the report we received previously that you have sent money to fraudsters in Nigeria, we have carried out verifications at Western Union Money Transfer Headquarters to know if truly you have sent money to fraudsters in Nigeria and it was confirmed to us by Western Union that you have sent money to Nigeria on several occasions.

In this regard you are hereby entitled to a compensation in the on-going compensation program organized in Nigeria by INTERPOL to be implemented by Trade Bank International.

Contact Trade Bank International (Nigeria ad-hoc branch) via the email address stated below for your compensation.

Trade Bank Email Address:  customers@365trade.net

More Details On This Programme Here:  http://www.interpol.int/News-and-media/Events/2013/6th-INTERPOL-Global-Programme-on-Anti-Corruption,-Financial-Crime-and-Asset-Recovery

This message is from the Internet Fraud Department,
The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO, INTERPOL) Nigeria.

Genuine organizations, Banks, Ministries and Government officials will never use GMAIL, HOTMAIL, LIVE, MSN, OUTLOOK.COM, YAHOO ACCOUNTS and any other free email services for official purposes. If you are dealing with any organization, Bank, Ministry and Government official and they are using any of the free email services, it is a scam. Someone might have been deceiving you that you have Thousands or Millions of dollars to claim. Please be warned that there are no Thousands and Millions of dollars anywhere they are just deceiving you in order to rip you off. Stop every email communications immediately.

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