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Internet copyright of „google“ and Nerlwex company

Dear President & CEO,

We are an organization specified at dealing with domain name dispute and registration in Asia. We have something important on intellectual property right need to confirm with your company.
On September 3, 2011, we received an application formally, one company named „Nerlwex Holding Ltd“ applied for the Network Brand „google“ and some domain names with our organization.
After checking, we found your company is the original trademark owner. If the company’s action haven’t been authorized by your company, so their behavior will conflict with your interests. In order to deal with the matter better, please contact us ASAP. (If you are NOT President, please forward this to your President & CEO, because this is urgent. Thanks.)

Best Regards,
Auditing Director
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Fax:+86 21 34628491
Mail: andy@nz-asia.comm

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