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AdsFlip, Your Free Ad Sharing Network

iWEBTOOL presents its latest production; AdsFlip, Your Free Ad Sharing Network.
We have recently launched a new service known as AdsFlip to provide free advertising for website owners. Using AdsFlip can benefit your website in substantial ways from driving traffic to your website to gaining higher exposure on the Internet, all by saving a lot of time and money as it is absolutely free to use.
This is the point where you begin to think “How does it work?.” Well, it is fairly simple, once you’ve created an account, start off by adding the AdsFlip Banner to your website. When the banner is running and live on the Internet, you will be ready and set to earn credits. When a user views the AdsFlip Banner on your website, your account will be credited automatically; the more users you get, the more credits you receive. Now, with these credits your can advertise your banner on other websites on our network, the amount of credits you use are unlimited depending on the amount you receive.
As it has been recently launched, we have got a promotional offer for a limited time only, register today and receive a 1000 credits for free. So why not create an account and see what AdsFlip can do for you.
We wish you the best for your websites; hope it goes well. Thank You.
Best Regards,

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  2. I like this idea! seems like a great way to promote my website!

    By Aky on Feb 1, 2008

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