Psychological pressure makes old

Permanent psychological pressure makes old. The more psychological distress, the more the aging cells. Stress causes by specific external stimuli, mental and psychological reactions in humans and animals, which are necessary to address particular requirements. This leads to mental and physical stress.
So far were smoking, poor diet or lack of exercise as the main cause of rapid aging. Stress is increasingly becoming the focus of scientists. Stress hormones counteract the production of skin cells. Thus, the skin can not fully regenerate and ages faster. Frequent stress also influences the brain metabolism, it is short term, impaired concentration, the reduction of long-term links between the brain cells. A brain that is often subject to stress is aging faster. Stress related muscle tension are the cause of 80 percent of back and shoulder pain. Limited by this persistent pain, we age faster in terms of mobility by stress.
Effects of stress
Stress is actually a useful biological function, because it should increase the performance. Difficult situations can be mastered better by the release of hormones such as adrenaline. But especially in men, stress can quickly become uncontrollable, leading to negative health effects for themselves. During stress, the heart has more work, it needs more blood and oxygen than in tranquil times. During stress, it gets less as narrow arteries. Stress can trigger an acute lack of oxygen in the heart. Lack of oxygen caused by mental stress and is triggered by a heart attack. For women, stress has a strong effect on the nerves. If the nervous system takes ages at the load capacity. Stress can lead to nervous breakdowns and depression.
The immune system is also sensitive to stress. Immune cells have a similar structure to brain cells. The receptors of the immune cells constantly learn about neurotransmitters, what happens in the brain and how we feel here. Messengers that act in the brain trigger fear of so interferes with the immune system. The body is already operating with a short agitation under the influence of the stress hormone cortisol significantly less immune cells. To the extreme – to prevent the collapse of the immune system – should be vigilant to avoid a “continuous shelling” with cortisol.
People who are under constant stress develop, often unhealthy eating and drinking habits. Under stress, the drinking is often forgotten, it comes to changing behavior patterns, it is less flexible, makes mistakes, and aggressively respond even a smoker increases the number of cigarettes per day.
Water shortages lead to stress
Dehydration leads to painful vascular constriction in the head, what is perceived as a massive stress symptom. Water also leads to tissue stress and allows cells to age faster. With an adequate supply of water, all body functions optimally, it is physically and mentally fit and must not bear any additional stress symptoms. There is next to the drinking supply numerous applications to cope with stress.