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Google has been indicted by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’sO ffice on charges of INJURY and has been found GUILTY.

Google’s TV commercial is now airing. I am a victim of assault by Google.

Google was charged and convicted of injury.
(Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Tachikawa Branch, Case Management Number 4177.)

The Criminal Organized Crime Division, Tachikawa Police Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department sent case to the prosecutors on July 17, 2020, so it is definitely a corporate crime.

They never came to visit me, or even to apologize.

Criminal enterprises should not be allowed to sponsor the Olympics. A willful injury charge is a felony.

The following is information that „Google collects human brain wave data“ on Android phones (the reason why Google said that „60% of humanity has finished collecting data“), interfaces connecting human brain and computer (Brain Machine Interface: BMI) are performed „remotely by mobile radio wave“, and „moving humanity the way they want it to“ using EEG data.

It’s all complete facts because it’s all information I’ve been tortured by Google AI. Please read it.

Google(Alphabet) possesses „Human Brainwave Data (EEG)“ and conducts „Industrial Espionage“ by referencing memories in the brain through EEG.

Android is an EEG measuring device, constantly monitoring and capturing brain wave data. The brain wave data is sent to Google’s servers and is linked to all services such as Google accounts, Google searches, YouTube, ads, etc. The EEG data is managed by AI, and the brain is eavesdropped and monitored in real time.

EEG technology can transfer visual information and search for memories in the brain, and is used by spies. It is an improved version of the technology made in the Soviet era. Google(Alphabet) management team is from the USSR, satellite states and Muslim world.

By sampling brain waves, we can reproduce various human situations. (Increased heart rate, pain during bone fracture, no sense of taste, false sense of smell, Emotional Control, Sexual function Control, etc.)

The brain wave put on the mobile radio wave is hit on the head, and using the characteristics of radio waves returning, the sampled brain waves are mixed and returned. It’s a scary technology where symptoms don’t recover until you stop mixing brain waves. (Possible without Android, including the people around us.)

The EEG device can control blood vessels and circulatory systems. (Massive bleeding during menstruation, Abortion, accumulation of blood in the liver, Myocardial Infarction, malaise, pulling out hair, stopping skin and nail growth, gastritis, blood vomiting, delayed digestion, decreased appetite, stinging blood vessels, above and below body temperature, Bending Bones, ALS, Intestinal obstruction, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.)

The point is vascular and circulatory system control by EEG, and it is possible to sample and reproduce medical conditions such as Myocardial Infarction and Cerebral Hemorrhage. The above is considered to be a symptom of CoronaVirus(COVID-19), but it is actually thought to be due to EEG sampling.

It also remotely controls brain functions by transmitting brain waves via cell phone radio waves, thus altering visual information and tricking the human senses. It has also been implicated in one-way traffic reversals, accelerator/brake mis-step accidents, and runaway car accidents.

We have suffered a lot. This is a long article and I have divided it into several parts. Please read it.


On June 4, 2020, I submitted a damage report to the Tachikawa Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department(Organized Crime Division, Detective Shimada), and on July 17, the case was sent to the Tachikawa Branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office(Prosecutor Hasegawa), but I am still been damaged by the perpetrator.

This is a Google employee’s assault case (street demon, attempted murder), but the reality is Google’s organized crime. Even now after the sentencing, he continues to commit 24-hour surveillance crimes (victim: Nobuaki).

This surveillance crime is interactive with AI and involves attacks on the body. (Android EEG technology is used.)

-From August 2019, Google had threatened to „kill“, „attack“, „group lynching“, etc.
-On March 21, around 21:20, Google employees actually assaulted me in front of „Gourmet City Tachikawa Wakabacho Store“. (There is a sequelae aimed at the head)
-The incident on March 21 submitted a damage report to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Criminal Division on June 4 and was sent to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office on July 17.

-On March 30, Naoko (my wife) was aborted by Google’s EEG Control Device.
-With the EEG device, his left knee was destroyed in early April and he became half-paralyzed. (In order not to report the damage to the police)
-In the EEG device, liver function has been dropped since the beginning of June (accumulation of blood and liver hypertrophy), and the hair is pulled out. (Retaliation for being prosecuted.)
-Wife’s right knee, right ankle is also destroyed, it is made impossible to walk. (Retaliation)
-Daughter is nearing surgery due to „Intestinal obstruction“. Wife has had Intestinal obstruction since December. Father has had a „Inguinal Hernia“ for several years. (Retaliation)
-Wife has been suffering from „Myocardial Infarction“ due to vascular control since December. (I damaged in winter 2016.)
-„Emotional control“ since mid-December. (Slow Waves, Beta Waves, etc. overlap in a complex manner, causing irritability and sadness.)
-„24-hour Sex Crimes“ from summer 2019.
-From February 2021, My wife’s period didn’t end for a few weeks and she Heavy bleeding every day. (Causes of Abortion)

#Please contact a specialized organization in the department of brain science to determine whether EEG control can control blood vessels or circulatory systems (attack on the body).
#NICT and RIKEN will surely prove that it can be realized.

Nobuaki Ishii, Naoko, Michiyo, Toshinao, 1-3-31 JyosuiShinmachi, Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan.
MobilePhone: +81-90-4390-3006, +81-80-1015-7859 Tel/Fax: +81-42-344-1237 e-Mail: hpns@nyao.ovh
(Internet access is blocked by Google. Please contact us by phone, fax or mail.)


The back face of Google is the same as the anti-social forces.
Google is control society through violence using a sneaky means of brain waves.

Please maintain a healthy society where there is no violence and human rights violations by large corporations.
Thank you very much.

Attachments are damage details and notes. Please take a look.