Fortunately Training

How do you manage to be happy for no reason.
Happiness is not a gift of the gods, it is the fruit of an attitude, and if you think about it, it’s actually not that easy to be unhappy, because we have to do a lot of complicated things and think a lot more complicated thoughts. But we have to so much exercise!

We create our own disruptive
Day in, day out, we are busy trying to get any circumstances in order so that we can be happy. We will create our own confounding factors, as we deal with our painful thoughts, we worry about things that happen could, perhaps, even though about worrying is as effective as trying a mathematical equation by chewing bubble gum to separate from, or we worry about the consequences of past events already.
Do we then something in order, we focus our perception on our luck and think that we are so happy because we have solved the problem. But never lasts long. After a short time we find something else that is wrong, and the game starts anew. A funny game, play the people there, would we think if we could watch us from the roof of the world itself!

We are the directors of our lives
Happiness without reason, regardless of the current life circumstances, makes life much easier. It is the highest level of freedom – a condition that can be taken anywhere, no matter what you do.
We conduct our own response to the circumstances and our attitude to our happiness or unhappiness in the path. If we are in the situation that makes us unhappy, we are looking for ways to get out. If they can not be changed, we can learn to accept it and be happy with it. If we want certain things of which we know they make us happy, we can work towards these goals by visualizing them and find out what steps are necessary to achieve them. But before we reach them, we can be happy – we must decide only obtained on the not life, reluctant to respond anxious and desperate, but humorous, curious and confident.
This may mean that we change our own thinking and have to re-program.

We program “our minds
Let us imagine that our mind is how a computer works. The brain corresponds to the computer as such, and the mind corresponds to the programs with which the computer is powered. This way, unfortunate or negative thoughts and negative programs that result in negative behavior. To change the program, it suffices that we change our perspective – because the happiness in life depends on the good ideas that we have already said Marc Aurel.
Essentially, we evaluate everything that happens in our lives according to whether we have the feeling that if it makes us happy and satisfied, or not. If this assessment is favorable, we are happy. The opposite is the case, we are unhappy. Now we use a lot of time and energy trying to change our lives so that everything is the way we want it, but this is often not possible, resulting in the fact that we must resign ourselves, as it is, as we not the whole world could have induced him to behave the way we see fit. Because most of it is so that other people would do something or that the circumstances should be so and so, so we are happy.
Therefore, we should determine that we perceive everything as beautiful (apart from heavy blows of fate). Is it self-deception, rather than nice to feel while in reality it is not nice? No, because there is no fixed condition, which is nice. It is we who decide what we think of as beautiful and what is not. We are always unhappy only when we want something feel as beautiful, it can not.

Happiness – a state in which we can put ourselves
Imagine, our secret desires were suddenly suddenly come true. Now preparing for a comfortable, warm feeling in my body and it is as if it expands further with each heartbeat. The feeling is stronger now and we feel it throughout the body. Suddenly we feel so free and happy that even a smile spreads over our face. And if we focus now in the future, our perception of this body feeling it will adjust.

Happiness is a state of being into which we put ourselves at any time.
For centuries philosophers have debated the meaning of happiness, while psychologists have debated for decades about the methods. But not Abraham Lincoln was right when he said “Most people are as happy as they have made themselves”?

We choose for our own unhappiness
The only reason why we are unhappy, is that we choose for the unhappiness. If we look at our lives closely, we will find many excuses for our unhappiness, a good reason but we will look in vain. The only reason why we are happy, is that we have decided to be happy. This is especially clear in Benigni’s film “Life is beautiful”. We have a choice: In the hell that we create with our thoughts even to vegetate, or to live in heaven on earth. Let us choose to be ourselves. We are wasting our time not by trying to please other people. Let us stop being afraid as to what others think about us.

The source of happiness
Not the external circumstances are the source of happiness, but our internal decisions about how we want to take this experience and circumstances.
The mood in which we are happy, we should be able to produce itself, independent of external things or circumstances over which we usually have no effect anyway. There is only one way to happiness and the means to stop the worry about things that are beyond the limits of our influence property, said Epictetus.