Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Motivation is a key factor for productive work and good benefits. We always need something that drives us to keep going and to overcome the baser instincts. Sometimes this motivation comes from within (intrinsic) and sometimes from outside (extrinsic). But when intrinsic motivation is more extrinsic and when?
Can you still remember when the last time you are a creative work is done? What inspired you there? Was it a reward such as money or did you do this job because you were driven by something in your heart?
Scientists have figured out years ago with the “candle problem” that we do creative work best when we are intrinsically motivated. With intrinsic motivation, we can make us focus on one task and use additionally the full potential of our creativity. An external reward would result in creative work but the opposite. It focuses more on wages than on creativity (functional fixation).
It is different with logical work. For logical work, extrinsic motivation leads to better job performance. Let’s say you have to sort some bills. Now someone offers you € 1,000, if you could sort the bills in an hour. Studies have shown that they would work with such a reward much more motivated and more quickly than with intrinsic motivation.