Gain Inner strength through self-care

Those who handle caring with itself, remains psychologically healthier

Self-care allows us to better cope with stress, is regarded as prevention of burnout and protects against addictive behavior. What we can do to gain more inner strength!
“My turn!” “Finally” “vacation for the soul” always appear in this or similar topics in women’s and health magazines. The need to fill up, to gain new energy and to gain strength is large. No wonder in a society where power and success to the supreme values is one in which many people know the feeling, to work only and the number of those affected by burnout increases. Unless it has to come but not if the care reserves for itself, despite the completed everyday life, their place.
Self-care – what is it?
The concept of “self care” was used by the French philosopher and psychologist Michel Foucault (1926-1984) in the sense of ownership and is now mostly back in the caring professions. The ability to care for others, is based more in the care expressed for themselves self-care in an inner attitude of appreciation to themselves out. It means paying attention to deal with his needs, feelings, and efforts to obtain the target’s own health in body, mind and soul.
Self-care and prevention of burnout
People who suffer from burnout, have usually deferred for a long time their own needs and feelings too much and exceeded the limits of his powers permanently. Often these is the perception for its own needs and boundaries have been lost. recover a sufficient self-care is, therefore, for the treatment of burnout. Just a good self-care can protect the other way around before re-burning.
Pillars of self-care
The most important aspects of self-care refers to the following areas:
* Selbstachtsamkeit to respect – to his needs and they express
* Self-esteem – appreciate your skills and recognize
* Self-acceptance – strengths, weaknesses and limits assume
* Relaxation and enjoyment – for their own wellbeing,
Help accept and say no
Who knows his limits and will pay more attention to be learned, it to say “No” to delegate tasks and accept help offered. The fear of unpleasant consequences is mostly unfounded. Who does not deny his weaknesses and can accept help is human and one “no” sometimes even gives respect and esteem.
Breaks and retreat
Especially when a lot of contact with other people, whether in family or job, it may be important, to withdraw and for a while not be addressed. Well then, if you can shut the door and turn off the phone. These are short breaks often realistic and often more a matter of habit than of time.
How can I improve my self-care?
Self-care can only be one who perceives and knows its needs. So if you want to improve its ability to self-care, it is even more clearly perceive their needs, according to stand up for themselves can. The following steps can help:
1st Make a note at the end of the day, what did them well and so you could recharge your batteries. What you want to break design repeat?
2nd Hold on when you paid to your limits!
3rd Look in magazines for ideas to relax and enjoy. Try at least one suggestion from.
4th Write spontaneously, what are your top three sources of power and create the space every day, at least one implement.
When practicing new habits of self-care, it is less a matter of still more dates to have and certainly not a “program” work off, but more to the perception that one needs for his well being and this fits the situation flexibly implemented.
Difficulties in self care
Anyone who wanted to change ever stuck or unwanted behavior, know it: to learn new habits, costs, energy and labor. But the effort and patience with yourself will pay off through higher welfare. There are also some people inner beliefs that make it difficult to change also – such as “only the work before pleasure” or “I need help but …”.
Lack of self-esteem
People who appreciate up for it, find it difficult to cope well with it. Addiction and depression occur together, for example with a lack of self-esteem. Therefore, jealous and depressed people are not careful with yourself. The sense of their needs is not easily accessible to them and they do not usually how they can use to appropriate for themselves. In this case, psychotherapeutic help may be needed. Only when their self-esteem is sufficient, the parties in a position to care for their well-being in a good way.