Learning methods and study tips for German

German can actually each. But the one does it better than the other. This could all learn when you invest a little time. The most important tip for learning German is: practice makes perfect. This must mean the practice did not work in the classical sense, but can take place almost automatically.

Instead of the passive one in the evening looking at a TV show, we would rather read a book. Books are the easiest way to learn German easily and readily be able to. The nice thing about books, their diversity. Everyone gets their money. Who else is not as practiced, which was not equal with severe food like Goethe or Schiller start. Just time to go to the library and browse a bit.

For each, the book is too much, which it is recommended to first start with magazines. Here again we have again a great variety of topics, but the extent of the article is of course much lower than compared with a whole book. Magazines you can borrow the rest in the library.

In general, it is advisable to take any time to the book or periodical, if the opportunity offers. Whether on the train or in the waiting room at the dentist, you not only shortens the waiting period, but also learn German.

The reading of German texts is only one thing. In my opinion, his own German changed only visible if you own a lot of writes. This can be done either privately for themselves, eg in a personal diary, where one writes down the events of the day along with the other thoughts, or in a public blog. Even if one is criticized at the beginning of the Other, we must not stop writing. Gradually, the words flow by itself and then the next essay in the school is a breeze.

In children, we should very soon begin to bring them closer to the German language. It should be fun but most are in the foreground, because you live and to love language, otherwise the results may not convince.