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The midlife crisis for women

A midlife crisis is not just for men. Women also have to fight in the middle of life with fear and uncertainty. Midlife crisis – which appears because of your mind’s eye? Maybe not quite a master of newly released wedged behind the wheel of a Porsche, next to a blonde that would not only fit better purely in age to his son? Men and the crisis in middle age, which has almost become a cliché. Scientifically the phenomenon of ‚midlife crisis‘ is not recognized, yet there are countless movies, books, reports of men of middle age group – and others want to prove – that they just do not belong to the sidelines. But what is the situation for women?
A midlife crisis is also women’s business
Research shows that start more and more women over forty having an affair and revolutionize their lives because they are overtaken by the panicked realization that life does not last forever. . Man – or woman – has half of her life around. The summit is reached, and this is equivalent to many so that it is now down, or at best just always goes on as before. Women face similar issues as the men. Now’s the War? Have I missed the real meaning of my life? I mean what I have built me anything at all? Dr Claudia Bernat, specialist in psychiatry at London’s Priory Hospital, reports a 30% strength increase in depression among women in their forties. The depression, she says, one of the symptoms of a life crisis, and a typical feature of a crisis is impulsive action. Women leave their husbands or get out of their career. They have the desire to break from their recent long life and a fuller life.
Often is the collapse of a mid-life crisis with two events, said Paula Hall. First, it is the beginning of menopause, which is very difficult for many a woman. Second, it is the children who set out from home or simply no longer need their mother in the past, and a huge hole in a woman’s life left, which can not be that easy stuff.
Youthful appearance – the desire of many women
Youthful appearance is still the ultimate. According to a survey commissioned by the stern most of the 40 – to 59-year-olds are happy, not twenty Forsa be, more to look like when even the great majority of women, but apparently that. A report from the BBC News states that women over forty hate their bodies. Basis of this statement is a survey of 2,000 women by the magazine ‚Top Sante‘. Experts believe the survey results for concern. The dream of the average weight woman over forty is below the weight they had at twenty. More than half of respondents admitted that their eating is disrupted. Breakfast is again omitted, instead it gives a balanced dinner wine and chocolate, to make the lean period of the tumbling pound a little more bearable. Is the will power does not reach many women over forty to slimming pills and laxatives, or they can hypnotize themselves. Hanging breasts, flabby upper arms, too much bacon on legs, belly and buttocks, many women complain about the middle age group. To make the suffering, they are willing to go to the promising hands of a plastic surgeon. According to the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (British Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery) have breast correction and liposuction as well as boom facelifts and other rejuvenation procedures.
Reorientation in mid-life
The psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung called the mean life as a second adolescence in which the individual feels anxious and insecure. Sein Rat: Umorientierung. His advice: re-orientation.The second half of life offers opportunities. Many women over forty start again. In an article in the English newspaper ‚The Independent‘, it means that the share of over forty women who become self-employed has risen significantly in recent years. An increasing number of female Forty-plus generation take a break to try to question New, Old well. „Forty-plus has that something.“ Says Liz, 45 „I do not waste more time with things that bring me anything personal. … And the few gray hairs and wrinkles … and bacon rolls … My God, I’m finally not twenty anymore.“