Dear Sir,

My name is Dr. Musa Ibrahim, I am the Director of Foreign Operations, in the office of the Presidency of the  Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have a file that was brought to me on Thursday, from our Finance Ministry, for  an outstanding payment that is due to you over a long period of time. But it was surprising to me that there  are two claimants over the same fund that has been approved; you and one Mr. Gilbert Woodworth from  Mesa Arizona. On further investigation, I found out that this is an over-invoiced contract sum, whose  original has been paid to its beneficiary, and that you and Mr. Gilbert Woodworth were co opted into this  deal to move this money out by some officials here in my country.

I had to dig deep into financial records available with us about your said payment and my discovery made  me write this email to you. We do not owe you nothing! You are being used as a conduit to syphone money  out of our banking system by an insider in our economy. On a further investigation, all payment approved  records here does not even bear any direct linkage to you, not even receipts and vouchers that you are  supposed to sign were signed by you. Now, my question is, why your interest in pulling this money out in the  wrong way when you know you cannot succeed and even your incompetent collaborators cannot pull a  clean deal?   I will like to let you know that if you had acted according to laid down procedures for this kind of transfers,  this money would have been in your possession by now and we may not have been able to discover our  loss! I have not reported this discovery to any one and I would like a deal with you on a 60/40 sharing ratio  with you if you will agree to my proposal. I can successfully provide the means to a successful transfer of this money without any stress, if you will collaborate with me. I will forward you my own account also where  you will pay in my own share, on successful completion of this deal. This is the best possible means of  getting this money since you will have full assurance that the money will surely get to you. All papers will be  duly signed by you, to make you the fund beneficiary.

If this is agreeable with you, get back to me immediately to enable me implement this process. More so, you  must stop all communications with any so called officials, if you are still in contact with any, as to avoid  duplication of the payment application, in order for it not to be canceled.   Get back to me by phone, 234 8060707386, or email me as soon as possible.

Hoping that you will keep this secret and confidential,

Dr. Musa Ibrahim