Contact Apex Courier for your Package

Hello My Dear Friend,
Your Bank Draft worth of $1.5 Million usd has been credited into an ATM VISA CARD by the issuing Bank, be inform that,the total amount you can withdraw $7,500 everyday, this is what the United Bank instructed that you will receive per a Day.and you will see more details when you receive it okay. And i have also registered your ATM VISA CARD value of $1.5Million usd with Apex Courier Express Company, So reconfirm your contact informations as follows.
1. Full Names…………………
2. Delivery Address…………..
3. Telephone Number…………
Contact Person is Dr Nelson Fabian
Every charges has been paid only what you will send to them is their security keeping fee. since because they do not know when you are going to contact them okay. They told me that their security keeping charges is $105.usd and i registered it on Monday morning being 18/ 011/ 2009 as i have paid for other charges, Contact them today to avoid delaying this package.
Your Best Regards
Mr Kinth