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Informative Hinweise auf Fallen im Internet, in die vor allem ältere Menschen oft tappen. Hier der Brief, der mich erreichte und den ich gerne im Sinne der Aufklärung weiter verbreite:


A few weeks ago, my mother called me to tell me about an “amazing online deal” she found on gardening tools. She said the website was going to send her free tools in exchange for her honest feedback, all she had to do was prove her identity by providing her credit card number.

Needless to say, resolving the hoax took days of back-and-forth phone calls to the credit card company, online digging on the scammers, and more than one conversation with Mom about why I was so panicked.

My mother’s experience made me realize how easy it is for scammers to target any internet user, so I researched what else I can be doing to protect my family. In the interest of spreading awareness on online safety, would you be so kind as to share some of the resources that follow with your audience (maybe here: Computer-Viren, die keine sind („Hoaxes“)?

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Our best line of defense against online criminals is awareness, so let’s work together to inform the masses!



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