Your company with email address has been shortlisted to partake in “THE PROJECT RE-BUILD IRAQ”

Salaam Aleikum,

The commitment to rebuilding a viable nation and a vibrant sustainable economy remains paramount in the agenda of the Iraqi Government, years
of war in Iraq have left a devastating trail on the economy leading to severe hardship on the people of Iraq,in this light the Iraqi Asian Chamber of
Commerce and Industry(IACCI)have been mandated to partner with the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI)representing the government of Iraq to solicit,
evaluate and recommend reputable foreign companies to work as partners in the “PROJECT RE-BUILD IRAQ”.The launch of the ongoing sourcing
and supply strategies has opened up new streams of public sector supply opportunities as your company with email address: pleplem@gurgl.cum
has been shortlisted to participate in this “PROJECT RE-BUILD IRAQ”.

Please kindly confirm your willingness to partake in the supplies and contracting program under this new initiative “PROJECT RE-BUILD IRAQ” ,do
confirm by return correspondence to our email or fax numbers below in order to allow us send detailed procedures.Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Zafir Nadim
Tel:+964-750-211-9067 EXT 102,+44-70-319-93294