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Good Day, I am Diplomat Clifford Wells

Good Day,

I am  Diplomat Clifford Wells I have been trying to reach you on your telephone about an hour now just to inform you about my successful arrival in Syracuse Hancock International Airport, New York (USA), with your two boxes of consignment worth $2.5 million USA dollars which I have been instructed by FEDEX DIPLOMATIC COURIER COMPANY to be delivered to you.

The Airport authority (Clearing Agents) demanded for all the legal back up to prove to them that the fund is no way related with drug nor fraud money, I have presented the papers and handed it over to them and they are very much pleased with the papers I presented, But the only thing that is still keeping me here in the airport is the U.S Working Permit which is not placed on the boxes, one of the Airport Authority has advise that we get the Working Permit so that I can exit the airport immediately and make my delivery successful.

Contact MRS.JENET DIBOR as she is the person in charge of the U.S Embassy Benin Republic to enable you obtain the US Working Permit Clearance and forward it direct in this Air Port, you have to be fast enough to enable me delivery the box to your door step tomorrow as I promise.Contact her now Email (mrsjenetdibor74@gmail.com) MRS. JENET DIBOR

As I can not afford to spend more time here due to other delivery I have to take care of in Austria . I can accompany you to your bank where you will deposit the fund successfully with these papers.

I have more vital papers with me but I can only present you the hard copy when I get to your house as that is the diplomatic rules, such as authorization to deliver.Reconfirm the following information’s below so that I can verify it reflects with what i have with me or as well update my diary.

NAME: =======================================
ADDRESS: ====================================
MOBILE NO.:==================================
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Urgent Response is needed because here is very busy and hot Email me : (diplo.cliffordwells@gmail.com)

Diplomat Clifford Wells