URGENT websitename Brand Registration Confirmation

(This is not a junk mail. Please check it seriously and transfer it to responsible person. Thanks!)

How are you! The reason why I am sending you this email is because we received an application from “Su Investment Ltd” today who wants to register the brand name:websitename and some relevant domains under websitename in different areas. (several domain extensions, like .cn, etc.)

Due to the applicant’s name “Su Investment Ltd” is quite different from websitename, so we checked in system and found websitename is your using name. In accordance with domain registration principle, we are obliged to inform you this case. Please confirm whether “Su Investment Ltd” was authorized by you. If not, please contact me within 7 workdays for letting us handle this case properly. Out of the period, we would regard this application was authorized by you and accept their application legally. Looking forward to your prompt confirmation.

Best Regards,
Nicolas Yang
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