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me: um, we didn’t have computers in our homes then.
this week i am getting all my ducks in a row so that this weekend i can hole up and sew myself some desperately needed skirts for church and summer.
my room is clean and i’m knitting.
i am given glimpses of the why and the good and the reasons and the plan. the bigger picture and the necessity for some to not fit the mold.
messes are piling up around me making it hard to relax and get well. i can’t cuddle grant or cate- they need to stay well- so they are steering clear of me. i am bored and tired and achy.
how have you been surprised? what can i say?
grant and i listened and danced to his music on valentine’s day.
me, 1982 nos
one thing i enjoy about facebook is the old pictures that friends and fam upload to walk down memory lane together with you.
(but honestly, i don’t snack alot. when you eat so much protein you don’t get hungry as often through the day)
i never thought life would then take me to utah, to attend byu and then off to serve as a missionary for a year and a half, but it did. and it was hardest, most surprising, most rewarding experience of my life.
my problem, dear anne, is that it is 2009. kids don’t like to get all fussied up anymore, and i don’t think they would go to the trouble of making up stories about lost broaches to be able to go to a silly church picnic. in my mind the little girls are wearing spring dresses and holding parasols with their gloved hands while the boys are eating biscuits and drinking homemade rootbeer with their hats and suspenders on. but i live in a dreamland where i want everything stylized. i know you understand me, anne.
i spent a few years calming down my teen angst and attempting to grow up. i loved san luis obispo. i was ready to chill there for good.
goal: peaceful nights, productive days
acre of land is my favorite song of his.
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1. luce, 2. Untitled, 3. Working, 4. Stove Top
cause that would make me happy.
she follows me around all day, just in case she might be needed for something, anything. cute little penny is just a wee dog, but she feels strongly that part of her duty is to scare the crap out of anyone who gets near our house, just so they know no one is going to mess with her family, not on her watch. she is undeterred by bigger animals and scary men- they all get yelled at to stay away.
i have never been an animal person. i swore i’d never have a dog. who wants to pick up poop? not me. but somehow in my baby hungry weakness i was convinced to relent by the other two mccalebs who said they desperately needed a puppy. fine. whatever, just take care of her and pick up the poop.
did anyone else sustain life with saltines from the ages of 13-17?
she is my best babysitter for cate. she takes turns with me putting cate to bed and being her pillow.
breakfast: i always have two eggs and salsa. always. i don’t really get sick of it, and it would really stink if i did because there’s not a lot out there for breakfast. actually, when you are at your ideal weight and ovulating regularly you can have any kind of whole grain hot cereal without a problem. you know, steel cut oats, etc. i am not quite there yet. berries and grapes are pretty low on the glycemic index and i have those, too. oh and i love cottage cheese with fruit.
grant and i talked last fall about wanting to take control and own a home and make some of our dreams a reality. so we planned to move back to california for some opportunities there.
i bet that block is not nearly as big as i remember it being, but i remember it being quite a trip.
all day the kids hung out at that corner, played on that grass, got drinks out of that hose, went through the secret passage way in the juniper bushes, and only left the area to go „around the block“ over and over again. sometimes it was on bikes with banana seats, sometimes roller skates, sometimes big wheels, sometimes walking, even occasionally on skateboards with cardboard boxes on them (our „cars“).

the girl loves a project. i mean LOVES. it was like so fun to her to print them off, plan how she wanted to present them, go to the store for candy, sign, and put them together. she just bossed me around and made sure i tied the string right.