Thanks and I wait for your answer


I am Alfred George Leonard, An American Citizen; born on JUNE 10 1963, currently living and working here in London, United Kingdom. I am the Personal Secretary to Mr. Donald Railton, the controller of National Lottery, UK. Please I am having big problem now, I have a 6yrs old daughter who has leukemia, a disease of the blood, and she needs a bone marrow transplant or she will die.

Please I am only asking for your help and you will benefit from it also. As an insider with National Lottery, working as the personal secretary to the controller, I want you to send me your name, address,tel, date of birth so that I can play the lotto on your name, I have numbers that are going to win, and the numbers are in his secret data system in the office.

The National Lottery is an online entry with credit card anywhere you are with your name and address ,then you will pay with credit card. All I want you to do to is to send me the name to play with while I will send you the numbers I played for keep. I am going to play it with my credit card on your name and the winning will be shared on equal ratio between us, and I will send you the ticket for claim, immediately the results are released they will contact you for payment as the oversea winner.

Please if you are interested do get back to me so that I can know what else to do on time, If you want I will send you my data. The lotto can be played with 25 – 350 Pound Sterling but the win will be over 2 million. Remember that I am the one going to play it in your name with my credit card; I just want to front you for this, because I need this money to save the life of my little daughter.

Thanks and I wait for your answer

Alfred George Leonard.

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