2 MINDS - MANUAL FREQUENCY [EP]2minds are the Israeli production duo Shauli & Miki Ifrah, bringing together their 2Minds to deliver their killa EP ‘Manual Frequency’ the first digital release on the PsyCore Records label imprint.
This full on EP of psychedelic goodness sweeps you into 2Minds as Manual Frequency delivers a full array of strong beats, rocket fuelled bass lines and melodic break downs that makes your body tingle with a full on psychedelic flow of this awesome 5 track EP.
Each track complimenting the next as 2minds take you on a journey of psychedelic mystery and suspense with their combined minds of clever use of maximised melodic leads, euphoric tipped breakdowns and laden samples.
2Minds Manual frequency is a beautiful audio driven sculpture of full on psy trance that show 2minds are always better than one.

2minds are shauli and miki ifrah from north of israel shauli is 27 and miki is 18. in 2002 the trance fever hit shauli and he started dj’ing. at first only shauli was a dj. his first name was “hobit” under the hobit name shauli only played at parties and clubs. in 2004 miki got intresting in trance music production and the 2minds project was born. under the 2minds project they started making fullon psycodelic trance. 2minds played in parties with astrix,xerox&ilumionation,psycrafrt x-noize ,tactic mind ,perplex ,domestic , pixel ,eskimo ,ptx slider ,dj samahora and many more. 2minds played in clubs like “ultra-sound”, “hahoman 17″ ,”comfort 13″ ,”tlv” ,”luna” and in partis like “tsunamy” ,”experience pro” and many more. 2minds tracks realesd on: new vision – visionquest rec. japan ,soundwaves – lafth and dance rec. sweden, power unit – magma rec.italy ,psytropic rec. – germany , digtal psyonic- australia , psycho rec. england and many more. 2minds worked with other artist like “slider” and more. this current days the 2minds are working on thier debut album.