Miss Princess Al-Khalifa

Dear Sir/Madam,

Through the courtesy of business opportunity,i obtained your contact as i was searching for a category of business people through whom an investment can be made and a management partnership formed. My name is Miss Princess Haitu Majzoub Al-Khalifa,The daugther of late Mr.Majzoub al-Khalifa ,the Adviser to the Sudanese president. My father Majzoub al-Khalifa and his brother lost their lives in an accident in northern Sudan on the Wednesday, 27 June 2007.
Please follow the weblink to see full details of the incident: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6244884.stm
My father was a distinguished figure in Sudan,when my father was alive he had previously held the positions of governor of Khartoum, agriculture and information minister and he was also one of the closest advisers to the present President Omar al-Bashir.
I want to do business relative to long term investments in your country. My area of interest is health,real estate, shares, agriculture and construction and i beleive your experience shall be of great need.
The fund is expected to reach you in cash in 5-10 working days upon your acceptance to act as my investment partner.You will be required to Invest and Manage the funds in the specified areas of investment.
The total sum available for investment is $9.7 Milllion U.S. Dollars. I am willing to pay a 20% “Management Commission” for your advised services and for your role to recieve and invest the fund. I also desire absolute confidentiality and professionalism in the handling of these funds and the subsequent investments of it.
I await your positive response to this mail.
Miss Princess Al-Khalifa