Please Be Our Guardian

Dear Dad/Mom.

It’s the pleasure of mine coupled with my sister’s pleasure to contact you.
I am Prince James Nubian and I live in Ghana with my sister Princess sadiya Nubian, we are refugees. We lost our parents in the war in my country and we were among the kids rescued to Ghana by UN Forces… We have our inheritance boxes here in Ghana which our late father, His Royal Highness King Rare Nubian of Kreo Community of Sudan deposited here for safekeeping purpose due to the war situation in our country over the years. The 2 boxes contain $21 million dollars and 75kg of uncut diamonds respectively, but the security company doesn’t know the exact contents because our father deposited them as “FAMILY VALUABLES”.
My questions are these below:
1. Please can you receive these boxes for us as our foreign guardian and trustee?
2. Can we trust you in helping us?
3. What percentage do you think that will be okay for you?
Please think about this and reply us as soon as possible for us to know what to do immediately. Take good care and God bless you and your family till we hear from you. Our sincere regards to your entire family.

Prince James Nubian

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