Grandy’s Epack Corp

Grandy’s Epack Corp. is  now bringing forward the job opening in the company. We are now looking for people ready to fulfill  the duties of Financial Representatives to help out with the remittance of the funds from company’s clients worldwide. As the business being run on the large scales we are in need to receive the payments without being liable for taxes or at least to reduce the tax burden. Your revenue could be 5%-7% out of every transaction operation. And that comes as a considerable amount taking into consideration that transactions will happen at least 2-3 times a week. Estimated roughly the amount will make around 3000$ a month.
Besides we offer:
– Flexible schedule (usually 2-3 hours a day)
– Saturdays & Sundays off
– Have to be aged 21 or above;
– No criminal record ;
– Regular Internet access;
– Basic knowledge of Accounting;
– Ability to accept payments using your bank account;
– Ability to resend the money through Western Union.
If feel qualified , please, attach the following info to start up with:
– Fist Name:
– Last Name:
– Age:
– Sex:
– Country:
– State, City, Zip:
– Phone number( home and cell):
– Valid email address: