Study Tips

Hours of sitting around in class, where you watch and even has to work, homework, taking all afternoon, bad grades – provides all this and much more to ensure that most students feel overwhelmed by the school. In the worst case this can lead to physical and even school stress and psychological problems. With a few simple but effective study tips, you can counteract the stress learning but good.
Do it:

* Air your room before you begin to learn. Without enough oxygen, the brain can not function properly.
* Remove anything that might distract you from learning. Neither radio nor television should be switched on during this time. Even the beloved cell phone or MP3 player now have to look for anything on the desktop.
* Concern for a tidy desk. A chaotic workplace causes an equally chaotic learning.
* Write down all your tasks in little notes. Once you’ve finished a task, crumple the paper – so you have both a good overview of what needs to be done and the other is the subsequent crush is liberating. “The task would be done successfully, away with it!”
* Personalize the learning material visually appealing. A dull text stamps itself much easier when you see him unterstreichst for example with your favorite colors or highlighting.
* Send regular learning breaks. At the latest after 45 minutes you should switch off a few minutes. But just let your mind wander or put up a few gymnastic exercises. So the brain is quickly resistant to new material.
* Learn varied. Employees do not be too long with the same subject matter, because the brain can only process a certain amount. After a break, you should change the subject best. But beware: A Vocabulary exercises are not very good if you just have learned French – because of similar subject matter makes for confusion in succession.
* Learn with all your senses. Draw a picture of times but to match the fabric or get your voice on the tape on when you recite your English vocabulary. As a result, several parts of the brain stimulated and you can memorize the course material better.
* Build mnemonics you. The fun and unusual they are, the better you can look at the fabric imprint.
* Learn to share with friends. Sit down with your “fellow sufferers”. Learning becomes as much fun and you’ll be amazed how much hangs in this way in his mind.
* Inspire you for something. You do not like a particular subject? Declare it a try on your favorite subject and find out as some additional information from the Internet. You’ll see after a while this subject is not so bad and your additional knowledge provides a good verbal score.
* Reward yourself when you were successful. You get a good grade? Congratulations! Allow yourself something that makes you happy, because that’s what you deserve you. This way you can motivate yourself to learn more.
* Repeat what they have learned before going to bed. It can be proven that the brain process the material in the sleeping particularly well and impress.

Do not do it:

* Sliding homework before you unnecessarily long ago. You prefer to spread them on the entire week. So you have to do small “pods” and you do not have enough time for other things.
* Learn not at the last minute. If you start just before the test with the learning, which is usually in the pants. Again, you part the course material in small “bites” one. So you can look at the matter more thoroughly and remember you also have the option to ask someone for help if you did not understand something.
* Compare yourself with others. Someone else was better in the exam than you? Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. However, the comparison is worthwhile with yourself Have you since the last test improved or deteriorated? What could have lain?
* Talk to you not one that you’re a bad student, only because once a note is not as good. Because this censorship is only a small part of your performance assessed in the art. A 6 in maths means that you did not understand, for example, a text object. This is not the world! Learn from your mistakes and use the reports to understand the material and you will see that the next work works much better.