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The psychology of money

Die Grafik "http://www.stangl.eu/www/grafik/money.jpg" kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil sie Fehler enthält.Since there where people are active, always the human psyche is involved, also play in dealing with money psychological factors are also important. This includes, for example, the question of how you see yourself money. For many, money is something that is objectionable or even illegal. Thus, under the theme, have a bit of money is not bad but too much of it ruins the character. This money is basically printed paper, a medium of exchange but also a store of value. It serves as a tool to make different products or services comparable. Without money, the community of men in our society today would be quite complicated. But why do many people money so negative? For example, there is the prejudice that someone who has a lot of money, his money has probably made with unfair practices. Or that a person is considered to be greedy, if he is financially well-equipped. Rich people are also attributed to some bad character traits. As would be e.g. Recklessness, excessive claims, megalomania or even disingenuousness. So you yourself would like of course not, so we should not logically be rich. And one will even avoid anything that could lead to wealth. A small exception is because maybe play the lottery. It also plays a role in the fear that might be associated with wealth unpleasant side effects such as that will connect people in your life who like the wealth moistened. There is probably also the fear that we may then become difficult to distinguish whether other people would only have to do with one, because they like a really, or whether they are made only on the money. Possibly we may have also scared that they could then possibly be the victim of fraud, or even by robbers. Such fears are of course not in themselves such as developing a healthy relationship to money. It has money, of course, have many advantages. To get a natural relationship to money, you should keep in mind its merits.
Money offers, with some exceptions, the only way to fulfill his wishes and desires. Exceptions are a partner and the right job, but again, although money plays a certain role. With money, one is free and has more options. These include the choice of housing, clothing, cosmetics, food, holiday and leisure activities. Who has slightly more money can meet demanding requirements. But who has wishes which he wants to fulfill, in its funding comes not pass. Because our society could not function, of course, if everyone could take what he wants. What matters is that behind a lot of money for a particular service. Before any money is made somewhere and must be done for something specific. Either goods or services into money. And that is the crucial point. If someone wants to make money, he must do something for it. We live in a meritocracy that is. It depends on the amount of money earned from the value of the service that was provided, but was also highly rated as this service and are paid with money. For example, the value of a painting depends on how much money is anyone willing to pay. Anyone who wishes to place in his life to prosperity and even wealth, which must make to bring its performance to maximize profitability across.
The amount of money over which one has, has something to do with attitude. Anyone who cherishes self, is self-confident and self-confident and unerringly goes his way, will earn more money and can afford a better life style. In this case, the monetary expression of a positive attitude to himself, to his fellow man and life. Conversely, those who suffer from feelings of inferiority, insecure and reserved and has a negative attitude to his life, it does not bring too much, which is reflected on his financial situation. Money and thus expresses his own attitude. A crucial role is played by the question of whether one believes they deserved prosperity. Is it the fact does not, then it automatically keeps you at bay. Money has therefore crucial to do something with your own self-esteem. If you believe to be a valuable person, then the press to the outside from in better financial circumstances. Common wisdom is: „As within – so without.“ This means that the financial and material values over which a person has its equivalent in their intrinsic value. How valuable is a person sees as valuable, it looks in his life.
If you want to bring it to prosperity in his life, then you should definitely work on his self-esteem. In addition, it is essential to bring in experience, more than what strengths, skills and talents you have. Equally important are our own passions, interests and inclinations. These factors tell us something about what area you should look for his future career. For only what you do best, it also does best. Where you work a passion, you will also make great and take it further.
Money is a medium of exchange and a store of value. Without money, could not function in human society. Behind a lot of money is a benefit, because we live in a meritocracy. Who wants to make money, it must provide a benefit. Money is an expression of one’s own attitude, especially of the self-esteem, because as indoors and outdoors.