Praying is not only in the church

Can prayer help?
It does not bring more money into the household budget, ensures the work is not and the price does not hold it in check – it does not even creates peace. How to prayer thus help in a difficult time? Certainly no coins ring from the ceiling, if requested to do so. But it’s something different when we pray. Nevertheless, many people find threatening situations suddenly very easy the way to a prayer. This shows that is apparently in prayer to find something that nothing and no one can afford. Why only then? Must prevail only way out to desperately to a “straw to cling”? What gives the people a prayer in a predicament? How pray he do? Whom to call it “should be”? Only those who try it find out it is.
God and the world
Pray a very personal matter. It is not tied to any religion, there is no prescribed form to look like a prayer or listen to has. The one prays to God, which seems obvious when you consider that the word “God” is used more often in our everyday vocabulary, as we are aware. Another rather pray to the universe. Each as he likes.
In emergency situations is the person the question was not whether a higher power is real. It is located in an exceptional state of his thinking and feeling and looking for a solution to his problems. If he starts to pray, the resolves of something inside him. This raises a first barely perceptible relief. As he silently in prayer, perhaps talking about his worries, he shares his burden with “someone” or “something”. The sentiment of shared suffering that is for parts only half true, are emotionally. Whether the situation of the person actually changed something, but he will find himself. The act of communicating in prayer brings peace to the unconscious thoughts and can be an opportunity to open his eyes further to identify a solution that has not been seen in a constant cycle anxious thoughts.
Some people pray aloud and repeat the mantra their sentences than they would speak mantras. From the New Age is known to cause a calming mantras of the mind, drawing from the power users. Widespread is the assumption that everything we think, feel and do is in resonance with something, eg in the universe. The cosmic law of resonance, it even explains logically understandable on closer inspection. It is said that we attract what we radiate. For instance, a bad mood at work will not have to be surprised when one confronts the colleague as well. Some moves work vice versa das. moody and listless in the morning to the office and take it there on some exciting contemporaries, he can take over their mood. He is doing better right away. The law of the resonance seems to understand.
Prayer and resonance
A non-religious people is the law of resonance probably closer than the prayer. In their mode of thought is the contact with God to the universe very similar. Even the prayer produces resonance. Not only the calm that comes inside the praying and the clarification of thoughts are the same reactions. The situation in which there is the man can change positively. By a miracle will report the least, although there certainly are experiences that seem to the person concerned to be one. But something is happening when directed by repeated prayers attention to something positive.
The constant dripping wears the stone is well known. The human brain can be trained by repetition. By thoughts arise feelings. We can relax by auto-suggestion, but we can get anxious or panicky thought through in total excitement. The man destined to the quality of his thoughts, the impact of his thinking on the emotions.
A question of how and patience
Prayers can be spoken affirmations in the same form. It makes sense in any event to formulate a prayer short and concrete, so it impresses me repeatable. Of course, patience is required. On the one hand needs the prayer exercise and constant repetition, the other likely to happen any miracles. Everything is development that requires some time.
As always, a man wants to help themselves in emergencies: the prayer is truly power. Worth a try.