Faith is closely linked with religion.  Religious people believe deeply and without reservation in a higher power, and certain religious statements and values. Devout different religions and denominations are also striving to adapt their thinking and actions in each true faith guidelines, so also the faith to the inner attitude and will Handlungsleitschnur. Religious faith is not doubt that man can not perceive with his natural senses.In Christianity it is the affirmation of God and faith in Jesus Christ and the resurrection from the dead. The belief rests on the fact that God created the world and hence the people in a creative act. People can be freed from sin and attain eternal life only through the love of Christ. Faith is based on the Bible. The recognition of beliefs in the Bible to elicit an acknowledgment of the content. Beliefs can not be proven or documented with scientific methods. For this reason, many doubt the existence of God.  Others, however, do not need proof to believe in God and to dedicate even their entire lives to the faith as priests or nuns living in monasteries. Not only Christianity but other religions like Islam are faith at the center, where the beliefs of individual religious beliefs differ from each other.