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Gerald O’Donnell & Alpha, Theta and Delta

Got a special gift for you. I just arranged for a very unique interview to be made available for free to our Silva list if you get a chance, please listen to this man. You see, knowing your interest in the human mind and personal growth, what you’re going to hear in this interview just might shake you out of your comfort zone. Who am I talking about? His name is Gerald O’Donnell and he’s a visionary in mind- consciousness research. He’s also a Silva graduate, (that’s how we got access to his interview a former Western intelligence agency Remote Viewing „Spy“ and founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. You see, a lot of people talk about vague concepts like the „Law of Attraction“.
But Gerald is turning it into a science. A science he called Remote Influencing. And his explanations of WHY it works will take you into a mesmerizig journey of alternate dimensions, personal bubbles of reality and the frontiers of the human mind. He’ll also share what happens when you go beyond the Alpha level into deeper levels of mind like Delta. We managed to get Gerald on the phone for an hour to share some of his amazing insights with Silva grads on the nature of reality and just how far we can „push“ reality to attract to us the circumstances and events that we seek Gerald’s training teaches how Alpha, Theta and Delta can be reached by anyone and used to access Higher Mind Levels. Look, I know you’re gonna love this. Because I listened to the interview and it’s the kind of conversation that causes your spin to spin. And it makes you question the very nature of your own reality. How much of it is real? And what is an „illusion“?
So what will he talk about?
** can the mind influence the lottery?
** what are alternate dimensions?
** how powerful is the power of intention?
** the science of remote influencing
** the level of mind most suitable for „bending“ reality
** surprising military uses of remote viewing and remote influencing
This interview is free for Silva grads. It’s live for the next few days so please check it out here:
P.S. by the way, he also reveals the secret of how remote viewers are attaining all the abilities and skill-sets of their dreams — WITHOUT the hard work and hours of painful discipline that usually stop people dead in their tracks. This alone is worth the time spent on listening to the interview.
Enjoy it!
Jill Magso
Customer Happiness Manager

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