The causes of our illnesses are in our emotions

The Eastern philosophy has long ago physical suffering associated with disorders of thinking and behavior as possible. “Explore everything and pick the best,” it says in the Bible. The best choice for the patients is probably an appropriate attitude of the physician, who must have the maximum of knowledge to treat patients effectively.
First of all there is between the “Western” and “eastern” treatment a difference. The “western” treatment method is mainly based on the pharmacological treatment. As soon as it lacks some chemical elements, one tries to compensate for this by medication. The “eastern” method of treatment are limits, because here are the physical problems of the body analyzed. This method is primarily a question that every person is an individual and thus contributes a set of numerous emotions and thoughts with them. The “East” method means that an appropriate lifestyle, proper nutrition, the right relationship with ourselves and the environment, to other people and to the cosmos.
While the “Western” method means the healing of physical diseases, which means “East” method of healing the physical body and the psyche.
In a healthy body lies a healthy mind and healthy mind, healthy body?
First is the awareness! The cause of a disease is in the soul life, the emotions and thoughts of man. Everybody feels a kind of responsibility towards oneself and the world around him, but every man is this sense of responsibility differently pronounced. The feeling of benevolence plays an important role, as one wishes, and other luck, then one will also encourage them to do good.
Negative thoughts, negative physical condition?
Any negative emotion triggers a spasm of certain muscles. These cramps in turn disrupt the blood circulation in certain internal organs, the consequences are diseases.
“Chronic” negative thoughts mean chronic disease! We all know bad habits, such as cigarettes or alcohol, but these habits are no less harmful, such as the habit of the bad thoughts and emotions.
The impact of negative thinking is already known from the famous Louise L. Hay. In her book “Heal your body,” she has created include a table where it lists diseases, the probable cause of this disease and to a new thought pattern, which should run, if one seeks the healing of the corresponding disease. Thus, in a bladder problem, the anxiety, the fear of letting go and clinging to old ideas, the probable reason for this disease.
Of course it is too difficult with the fast pace, with continuous problems in many areas of life, be determined continuously by positive thoughts. If you are still not practiced, so you must learn the positive thinking!
It is probably essential that people learn information about others accept a respectful stance. We are all “students” and polish to the fate of others is not our role.