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{plem-plem@wuzi.tk} -Security Settings Error

Security Settings Mail Account Update on plem-plem@wuzi.tk

In line with keeping your mail account safe, the IT HelpDesk has requested for an automatic and safe mail account security setting update on all eMail Server Portal. Failure to verify and update your e-mail account might lead to the compromise of your eMail Server Portal.

domain-server.com/update/plem-plem@wuzi.tk = https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/frg3e-09r5gu-3hgjb-hr-bgvh-f9h.appspot.com/o/wefhuiw3h4g-3i%3D4guy3%3D4-gy3-%3Dgyh-3894gy0384ghv30-4ug%3D3-0g%2Fsdvwe0v9-02wuvg-2hgv-g2-vf9gb-dvh-asd9vh-sa9dhv-sh9dv.html?alt=media&token=4daa1120-b78f-4775-9cef-49af7b9d5fc4#plem-plem@wuzi.tk

Your domain server provider will continue to render top notch security services and will constantly update relevant security server systems for the safety of our users. Thank You.

This message was sent to plem-plem@wuzi.tk

This is an automated message by the Admin Security Service, Please Do Not Reply.