Malpractice in the psychotherapeutic treatment

What is a medical malpractice certainly know many. But what is a psychotherapeutic malpractice and where are Affected help? Actually, one should assume that someone who has studied medicine, knows what he is doing in relation to his patients. But the knowledge that medical errors are possible, teach the people a lesson. prove a medical malpractice is difficult when there is no clear evidence, evidence is. The documentary evidence from those affected often much patience and perseverance. Usually a ruling was made after years. Psychotherapists have also completed studies in psychology and this completed with a diploma. The psyche of a people is complex and certainly by the therapist in treatment, take extra damage. But how difficult it must be to prove malpractice in psychotherapeutic treatment. This seems almost impossible. What is a psychotherapeutic malpractice? A psychotherapeutic malpractice is all that causes the patient harm. The right amount of closeness and distance should always be respected. This ensures that there is no dependent relationship between patient and therapist arises. Expectations on the part of the therapist may cause the patient to uncertainty and pressure to perform. A therapist who overestimates his own auxiliary facilities and expertise, considers himself infallible adds to the patient harm. Does a therapist that his treatment was the only “right”, and it still unswervingly firmly holds, this can not be in the interest of the patient. Crossing Boundaries in any way have to be taboo for a therapist. His thinking and his statements he should not patients over material. The patient should not be treated like a child by the therapist. A therapist should have the ability to self-criticism. For his own weaknesses and shortcomings, he should be open.Real listening, understanding and compassion should take place in the therapeutic relationship between therapist and patient.
One option is to contact the relevant insurer. The person concerned receives a report form with many questions. It is important to answer these questions fully and in detail. It is advantageous to describe on separate sheets of what happened exactly in the therapy and what consequences this has led to the person concerned. This sends you back with the form to the insurance company. If a branch is the health insurance on the spot, can also contact directly concerned to it, and ask for help and support. Another way of helping offers psychotherapists chamber. But here it is necessary to list the incidents and consequences of precise and detailed writing.
Even if the therapist is the expert, the patient should always be treated with consideration and respect. The patient should be careful not to give control to the therapist and can not fully rely on the expertise.