The First Kiss

The first kiss is something special to many people. He is a symbol of a strong connection, trust and attraction. Even if the first kiss is an important milestone in a relationship, its origin is sometimes a mystery. As can be high but this summon the feelings and experience the first kiss himself?
There are songs, movies and musicals in which it’s all about the first kiss. Usually he is portrayed as a very special moment. A time to play in the mad and the emotions we feel real affection. But what if you do not know how it can lead to a kiss?
The first impression
Already in seven seconds, we make ourselves a picture of our opponent. We determine whether someone is sympathetic to us or not. Important factors are the body language, grooming, style of dress, the smile and the welcome back, or one to two sentences.
If the combination of all these factors seems interesting, it usually comes immediately to a harmonious conversation. In other cases, the caller must first make a further impression, so it can eventually may come to a first kiss. Only after the first impression we get the chance to show the other person’s personality and to build our real attraction.
The attraction phase
Now begins the real communication. The first minutes of the interview show, especially the self, sovereignty and eloquence of the other. Both people test each other by teasing and humor. Fits the opposite to me? Can it work with my personality? As concerns with hints?
Depending on how you respond to the state tests that changes as the mutual attraction. Who radiates self-doubt at this stage and socially underdeveloped acts quickly lose appeal. If you have built up to this point, no attraction, it is more than just “a friend”. Who wants to change it later, you need either good luck or good seducer qualities. In order to build attraction, must address its own personality, the unconscious needs of our counterparts.
The first contact
At that time, both want the other person know you better. They would now probably be described as “sweet” or “sympathetic” and it embarrassed smile. In harmonious communication, it is then usually the first contact. For example, light pat on the shoulder or a brief touch on the elbow, arm, hand or back. Touch both people and feel at home, it is an expression of mutual interest.
The touch can increase, from there: by example, hugs, long touch of the hands or sitting on your lap. Some people are already here ready for a first kiss. It is for them a natural consequence of the contacts. It also depends on the surroundings and the intentions of those present. Disco visitors want to celebrate wildly and are rather looking for an adventure, as guests at a birthday party or a quiet barbecue.
The confidence-phase
Mutual trust is partially constructed at the first touch. Really deep trust is created but rather in places that are a bit quiet and free of other people. This phase is important for the further cooperation, as both people make their values, beliefs, ideals, dreams and goals clearly. It will tell personal stories and experiences exchanged.
The caller can now find out more intense, whether the different life styles have similarities and would fit together. Sometimes reinforce this point, the touch and are more personal. Both create a “private sector”. They focus heavily on the other and the existing atmosphere. Teasing and other fellow human beings are, at this time rather annoying. In this phase, we often exchange the contact or immediately comes to a first kiss.
The First Kiss
Until now, the two persons have already met quite well. You can estimate the other and feel connected. The conversation partners trust each other and are found attractive.
The time to the first kiss can vary greatly. Sometimes it takes several meetings, other times just a few minutes. Also the way of the first kiss is very different. Some first kisses are short and fleeting, others wild and directly, others cautiously and tenderly. The nature of the first kiss is highly dependent on the personalities, intentions, and from the area.
Many people wonder how to initiate the first kiss and looking for guidance for action. Solid practices can reduce inhibitions, but destroy the uniqueness and make the first kiss to be something mechanicalness. Hold for a first kiss prefer the steps to do it so naturally.