Learning methods and study tips for English

English is the first foreign language that you learn in school today. And who is then not had the benefit of English education, which makes today usually the first experience with the language, learn in courses around the English. In times of globalization, the English language an important role in the life of the Germans. Many companies are represented internationally by anyone who works in tourism has to do mostly with people from abroad and generally applies: English is the language that connects. It is therefore important to speak English to at least in general terms. The better you speak the language, the better you get at the opposite, as the German can not and agreed only on English.

Since we have the English language more often in everyday life in Germany on the path runs must be kept open once only the eyes and ears to learn a few words of English. These are of course very few words, therefore, helps to get started usually a small English course, or English self-learning materials.

To expand the vocabulary, are now open again in several ways. How does it learn from the German, one can also draw on views in English only English books. This can be either rented in a nearby library, or even in bookstores buy almost everywhere (even in a train station bookstore). How to read exactly is going on, that is whether one has a Duden nearby, to look up key words or not is up to you. Many words open up out of context and before you know it grows and grows, the English Wotzschatz.

Besides books, you can expand by movies / tv that his English skills. Either you buy DVD with English Sprachspurt (usually this is already included on the German DVD) or you see just once to English news on TV, which can be concurrent reference free of charge, for example, over the cable.

The Internet contains countless English-language material, such as films or texts. Even with extra English-learning podcasts, you can broaden your vocabulary significantly.

The above-mentioned English-learning methods help to understand the English language, but not for writing and speaking English. This helps only practice, practice, practice, and again. For the debate, it is appropriate at the beginning, the text aloud to himself. To improve their own writing style, you can translate your own text, or run a blog on which you write only in English.