Memory Training

Over the years, the performance decreases in memory and we forget things easily.  However, nobody has to put up with the little gray cells, but can easily get back into shape. This is achieved by specific memory training. It is important to perform regular memory exercises. . But it also depends on the method.  Even with simple tricks you can achieve good results.Cramming little stubborn, not only takes away any desire to learn, but is also not particularly effective.  The painfully drummed forget you more quickly, if it is not repeated regularly. Far better is it to develop independently the factual knowledge to formulate their own thoughts and to transfer the acquired knowledge to other areas.  In this way, new connections are made and Learned to keep even better. It is also useful to stimulate multiple channels. For example, you can associate words with pictures or even invent little stories to memorize numbers, dates or items to be purchased, too.  That works very well and generally does not make this fun. Learning in conjunction with the movement is also a promising method. The brain can be trained very efficiently when the learning is moving, makes such a walk. Also in Memory Training and Brain Jogging is: You must ensure variety and does not always work off the same exercises, but to stimulate the brain by constantly new tasks.Many memory exercises and training methods can be found on relevant pages on the Internet. There, interested to learn many interesting facts about the functioning of the brain that can test their memory skills and a wealth of effective and often bizarre memory exercises download to make their minds permanently fit.Especially in the age it is important to train his brain that this can be done simply with crossword puzzles or Sudoku.