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You’re talking to Blanche from Saint Andre …

I offer you all my powers – free of charge.

You are talking to Blanche from Saint Andre – fortune teller. She will tell you everything for your future in 2021

Hello, I am Blanche
It’s a pleasure to finally meet you
I’ve been waiting for your visit for a while.
Oh, one moment please …
A vision appears to me …
Salzburg is where it will happen
This concerns you directly
Because it is very important, listen to this message
I will offer you a free reading!
I will reveal to you your sacred stone
In this chat!
Please answer these 3 short questions below:
Are you a woman or a man
Your first name is:
Your date of birth is:
Thank you Blanche
I will now reveal to you your sacred stone
And once your free reading is complete
I will send a copy to you
What email address would you like to use
for your free reading?
OK, I’ll start the process here and now.
Without asking you for a single dime.
I focus
Your sacred stone is the diamond in the rough
Ah, now I understand it better.
It makes perfect sense why I had this vision of you
I need to draw a rune for you quickly.
It’s a second gift I’m giving you
I don’t want anything in return.
I now draw your rune
from the great sacred runes of Brittany
Just wait a few seconds.
Concentrate while I draw this first rune for you
It is the rune of Kano
This rune symbolizes love, opportunities and a new found happiness
It is now assured that great comfort will come afterwards
But first there are complicated processes to overcome
This rune also announces the meeting of a soul mate
… it is really an excellent rune Blanche
There is much luck for you Blanche
I understand it now
The vision that has just appeared
You are standing in front of a beautiful house …