Don’t save on your monitor!

Anyone who learns a lot on the PC simply needs a good monitor. Apart from the fact that the endless staring into a screen is not good, it’s even worse when the monitor is old and flickers around happily.

This makes the eyes tired, weakens concentration and thus increases stress. You can’t use this at all when learning. If you are planning to buy a complete PC anyway, please consider the following: It doesn’t do you any good to have a high-performance computer and then save on the monitor. Rather choose a slower processor and invest the saved money in a high-quality monitor! Especially the size of the display plays a not insignificant role. Large screen diagonals increase the overview. Windows and applications can be arranged next to each other instead of on top of each other. The workflow is accelerated and stress is reduced. Motivation increases automatically. The annoying scrolling is also eliminated.

By the way, good and even large monitors don’t have to be expensive! There are already monitors with 17 inch diagonals around 100 euros. It goes without saying that the new monitor should be flat. Fortunately one hardly gets these clumsy space eaters from earlier. You should also have some space to work. And the picture has also improved considerably. Fortunately TFT monitors almost without exception all have a sharp and high-contrast picture. Also the earlier flickering is a foreign word with the TFT´s, since the picture is not built up laboriously line by line. All in all, it’s really easy to get a good and cheap monitor. Especially when learning, you simply need good helpers instead of additional stress factors. And in your free time, you’re also happy when your eyes don’t burn when you’re surfing. As a learning tip from us: Don’t save on your monitor!