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Email Storage Warning

From Email Storage Teams, Dear User,

Current size 1969MB out from 2000MB

Maximum size Your mailbox is running out of data storage and it might be closed soon, Kindly add more MB to your mailbox.

(i) If you don’t upgrade our mailbox, you will not receive more emails frequently (ii) Your mail will be closed (iii) Your important emails ”Inbox, Draft and Sent” will be wiped away. Note: Upgrade is free of charge, You will not be charged for the upgrade. Please move this mail to inbox before Upgrading if found in spam/bulk so that the Upgrade will be successful.

Upgrade Now.


This message is confidential. It may also be privileged or otherwise protected by work product immunity or other legal rules. If you have received it by mistake, please let us know by e-mail reply and delete it from your system; you may not copy this message or disclose its contents to anyone. Please send us by fax any message containing deadlines as incoming e-mails are not screened for response deadlines. The integrity and security of this message cannot be guaranteed on the Internet.

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Stop – there might be a problem with the requested link

The link you requested has been identified by bitly as being potentially problematic. This could be because a bitly user has reported a problem, a black-list service reported a problem, because the link has been shortened more than once, or because we have detected potentially malicious content. This may be a problem because:

  • Some URL-shorteners re-use their links, so bitly can’t guarantee the validity of this link.
  • Some URL-shorteners allow their links to be edited, so bitly can’t tell where this link will lead you.
  • Spam and malware is very often propagated by exploiting these loopholes, neither of which bitly allows for.

The link you requested may contain inappropriate content, or even spam or malicious code that could be downloaded to your computer without your consent, or may be a forgery or imitation of another website, designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information.

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