Partnership Investment/Loan

Good Day,
I’m Ali Ahmed Almarzooqi, a United Kingdom based associates of Emirates Investment Finance Group who are specialist in project finance for your companies, businesses, Individual, and organizations?
Our principal service is the provision of international project finance to companies, businesses and organizations for significant land development projects in the leisure, tourism, entertainment and construction industries.
Over the last two decades our associates, who are leading international project financiers in the leisure and tourist industry, have placed over two billion US dollars ($2,000,000,000.00) of development capital in the form of equity and loans into an extremely wide variety of projects including amusement parks, eco and green projects, golf courses, hotels and hotel resorts, manufacturing, residential housing, sports stadium, theme parks, tourism and tourist projects, transport, including rail, road and shipping, water parks and many other types of project in almost 60 countries worldwide.
For more details do get back to me by email and note that Emirates Investment Finance Group do not accept applications for less than $5,000,000.00 project contract sum.
Ali Ahmed Almarzooqi
CALL ME Tel: +447509752158