“No More Boring Conferences” or “Would Your Blog Get an A?”

one of my resolutions for 2009 was to stop ignoring the etsy shop and to not spin my wheels all day (these two problems are very related) i am the queen of walking in circles around the house and not really getting anything accomplished i wouldnt care except for that it drives me nuts part of the problem is my insomniatic nights which leave me only half there during the day times ( which then leads to high caffeine consumption) so i decided step one is to get good nights sleeps i am trying to change my night time routine to a peaceful herbal tea quiet inspiration seeking few hours it helps if i keep our room clean and the sheets freshly washed and calming reading more- tv less- at night is a goal then hopefully my days will be a little more with it because i hate wasting time
cause that would make me happy
the girl loves a project i mean LOVES it was like so fun to her to print them off plan how she wanted to present them go to the store for candy sign and put them together she just bossed me around and made sure i tied the string right
seriously though my closest friends are fun real and honest good entertaining in love with life a little crazy down to earth deep and incapable of bs
the deal with pcos and carbs
remember how i was so proud that my room was clean and i was knitting well i still am
grant and i listened and danced to his music on valentines day
a few months in the life of this infertile girl
like this one for instance my older brother uploaded it while reminiscing about the old buggie he rebuilt in the 80s
and again when you are at a good weight and having regular cycles you can absolutely add in a lot more whole wheat and whole grain foods as well as all fruits and vegetables and other good carbs like beans if your cycles get a little kooky or you gain weight thats when you know you need to reduce again
i swear nothing makes me happier than a peaceful space and some needles
she is my best babysitter for cate she takes turns with me putting cate to bed and being her pillow
dear anne shirley its been a long time since i last wrote but i need your advice i am planning a primary activity for this spring since our theme for the year is my eternal family and we like to have our activities point the children to what they are learning i thought it might be nice if we have a picnic on or near the grounds of the mt timpanogos temple and let them bask in the beauty of that place and reflect on the importance of their own eternal family
i love all the sweet artistically talented bloggers that offer free downloads around holidays for us readers
but i couldnt stop looking at the picture because it shows the place where i played for the first 12 years of my life
did anyone else sustain life with saltines from the ages of 13-17
one more thought about best friends
i went to the fabric store tonight in search of prints to make some new spring scarves with some will probably end up in the shop too i just love this look also i love toast (the catalog and the cooked bread)
cate and i went through some of the free options around the web for valentines to download and print
this week i am getting all my ducks in a row so that this weekend i can hole up and sew myself some desperately needed skirts for church and summer