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The Bill and Melinda gates foundation in its endless efforts to End Poverty, Improve Education and Health care, The Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) recently organised and launched our internet donation program as this will enable us reach out to more people outside the shores of the United States , As We can’t reach all corners of the World because there are people who need us more, so we decided to use a collection of emails and Reach-out to the people and Organisation who are capable.

Through these emails, we will choose the person/Organization with the needed requirements, and worthy of the donation of $200,000 out of the $27.000,000,
The requirements needed are;

1. Aspects and motives of the project you want to start or have.
2. Country
3. At least three names of members of the group.
4. Contact numbers, addresses of the three members
5. Age
6. Copy of identification card of the leader of the group;

Receiving this mail does not mean that you already have the Grant, no, it only shows that you are given a chance to apply and prove that you are worthy it, Send all the needed information to:

( )
Best Regards,

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
C.E.O Susan Desmond Hellman,
CC:Dr. Christopher Elias,
Head of Global Development Division,