Organization of Toyota Motors Corporation 2014 Factory Event

This year, the Organization of Toyota Motors Corporation celebrates its 2014 Factory Event for the number one car manufacturer over the years. I Akio Toyoda the President of Toyota Motor Corporation, applaud you for being one of our lucky winner of Toyota 2014 Factory Event. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of £1,500,000.00 (G.B.P),this is Equivalent to $2,388,956.06 (USD). Your email address emerged as one of the winning email addresses out of an initial database of 300,000 email addresses with a ticket number WV775T and a serial number: ST/958843450923.

In other to claim your Funds, Please contact your Claims Agent with your Name, Address & country, Telephone, Occupation. For the part of the payment of $9,000 USD to be send to you through Western Union Money transfer and for further instruction:

Name Of Claims Officer: Mrs. Elizabeth Ronnie
Email address:
Tel: +44 7024093266
+44 7024094450

Mrs. Jana Estep
Online Coordinator
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