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Happy New Year With Good News From Interpol Police Force

You are welcome to desk of Chief Hon, Jeff Robert Carl the inspector general of International Interpol Police Force Investigating Benin Republic. Chief
Hon, Jeff  Robert Carl the inspector general
Telephone– +229 980 623 97

We are Working towards a corruption-free world by promoting and defending  integrity, justice and the rule of law!  Mission statement of the International  Anti-Corruption Academy, We cover West African Countries.

Attention Dear,

We are here to let you know that those officials whom are delaying your funds not to be sent or transferred to you since has been arrested by this Interpol Police Force department and you are now advise to get back to us for more information about your funds and those that assist and ordered us to fight for you as a foreigner to get you your funds and we are now in-charge of the transaction to sure sure that you receive it in good conition to avoid any more scam.

Contact us with below information and you will get your funds which is the sum of $10.5 Million within 48 hours of your contact to us.

God bless.

Hon.Chief Jeff Robert Carl the inspector general
Telephone– +229 980 623 97

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