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Big Jump On Your Search Engine Positions

Hello Website Owner

Google has updated its algorithm 5 times in last month and these changes can result in bad rankings for your website. To prevent your website getting affected by all these new updates coming from google your website has to be handled by professional SEO Experts who understand how these new algorithm update work and how they will affect your website.
This is David A working as a seo professional for last 5 years for our company TOB. We rank number 1 for one of the most competitive keyword ‚online seo company‘, if we can rank ours we can rank yours.
We visited your website and fou nd few potential issues thatís stopping it to rank on search engines :

1) Title tag of your website is not correct
2) Meta tags don’t have correct keywords in them
3) Not very good social presence
4) Bad links or not many links to support rankings

We are working with hundreds of website owners and they all enjoy top 10 google ranks.
Try our 15 days free SEO trial and give your website a chance to rank on search engines.
Looking ahead for your email

David A
Online SEO Expert ( TOB )
B 7 Green Ave, ASR à 143001

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