Nigerian National Petroleum Company

I am Chief Engr. Chris Eke of Nigerian National Petroleum Company.

Port Harcourt Refinery. Nigeria. Presently now we have a break down at the refinery as result of vanderlization of the oil and Gas pipeline by the Niger Delta militant. Because of this reason the company decided to go into a rapid tone around maintenance of three faces. That is the reason why I decided to contact you, because our consultant requested me to give them the contact of the company and the bank account number where I usually purchase the product for payment.

W.H.W 10 arms Drilling pump cork needed for the maintenance of the damage. Pipeline. They decided to purchase Seven Hundred (700 unit) of the product. This product the consultant are in need of now previously I was the Engineer in charge of the Department that was purchasing this material on behalf of the company during the former Ex president Olusegun Obasanjo Government. Presently the management has changed by position, I am now the supervisor. The consultant Requested from me to give them the contact of the company and their Bank Account Number where I do buy this materials so that they will make payment for (10,000cartons) but I do not want to give them the contact of the company where I was buying The materials, because of the influence of the cost price. I do buy this product from moniclight Energy Ltd ( ) at the cost price of three thousand five hundred pounds per cartons (Ј3,500 per carton and do supply to the management at (Ј7,500.00) seven thousand hundred pounds per carton both the shipment.

Because of this reason I do not want the consultant to know the company in UK where I was importing it from. That is the reason why I decided to contact you as my representative I want to present you to the consultant that you are the dealer of this product in your country, so that when you receive the money/payment over there, you will be able to fly down to UK and purchase the product from moniclight Energy Ltd at the cost price of  (Ј3,500 pounds per carton and supply to the consultant at the cost price of (Ј7,500 pounds per carton. Out of our profit you will take 30% thirty percent while seventy percent will be for me and other senior staffs that are involved. Please if your position will be able to stand for this, do not delay in contacting me, Tel: +23408175532909. Because the consultant might contact you to find out if you have the material.

Do contact Mr. Martins Markus the sales manager moniclight energy Ltd UK to find out if the product is Available in their company.

In case your position can not stand for this please do not expose this mail, because of other top officers that are involved in this deal.

Chief Engr. Chris Eke