Yuchen Art Studio

Allow me to introduce: We are Yuchen Art  Studio.
Please accept our most sincere wishes to you, our guest firstly. Here, you will get to know Chinese youth oil painters,and become our friends while enjoying our oil paintings full of eastern sentimental appeal ,modern and classical realism oil paintings.
Yuchen Art Studio was a professional oil painting organization, which set up in 2000 ,It mainly sell Chinese youth oil painters original oil paintings to collectors,while receiving entrusted orders of oil painting portrait from different countries and areas all over the world.Foreign collectors, such as American,Japanese,Australian,Brazil and so on, have collected most of his original oil paintings.
We are sure that you will be satisfied with it because of its good quantities in both art standard and materials. If you enjoy a certain original oil painting artwork you can choice to purchase; If you are an art agency or oil painting wholesale dealer,Please send us an email describing what you want: a painting or a drawing, and the approximate size you need. We will send you a free price estimate. We can provide large numbers of any kind of the high quality oil paintings.
Yuchen art studio is to provide oil painting with high  quality and to become your favorite supplyer and develop  art market together.
Look forward to your early reply.
Best Regards
The Yuchen Art Studio