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Psy-Core records invites you to slip into their latest album ‘SlipStream’ the first and full length album release by Sicilian producer Salvatore Giamblanco who delivers his funk n’ quirk laden full on psychedelic trance sound as Psycho-Punk!
SlipStream sucks you in before shooting you between the eyes with an audio collage of tough beats, driving bass lines and psychotic melodies, tuned to lead listeners into a whirlwind of audio tripmatic surprise. Each track compliments the next with clever use of samples that are maximised with precision and boundary pushing.
Psycho-Punk’s SlipStream gives ten tracks, commencing with a joint collaboration with producer Potrozoo and then finishing with a remix of Safi Connection’s ‘Arabs on the Moon’. Be warned, SlipStream takes no hostages…….!!!
Psycho-punk aka Salvatore Giamblanco was born in Sicily 29/03/81.

In 1989 , his father gave him a YAMAHA PortaSound pss-480 music station keyboard as a present, which he still has, at first it was very complicated for him but he started by trying to press all the buttons like a child does and so doing developed a keen interest in it and in electronic instruments. In 1992, he put aside his keyboard, but just for a short period, to become a percussionist playing ethnic music.He played with friends on the streets and in clubs in Italy.He saw that when he played percussions people would dance and this gave him an amazing energy, so Salvatore discovered a new sensation, the wonderful sensation that only people can give. In 1994, Salvatore, along with a friend, continued with the ethnic genre but this time djing with vinyls. Again they played in clubs but in a different way and they both loved it but Salvatore felt that something was missing.

So after 3 years, in 1997, he approached drum & bass/techno industrial, this introduced him to the world of electronic music which finally led him to the amazing dimension of psytrance! This history of music is what inspires the music he now produces .
In 2008 Psycho-Punk joins Psycore Records . He’s debut album is due to November 2008 .