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Received: rom mail.shreadkuyrkendall.com ([])Von:  PayLife
Datum:  08/04/2012
Wir mцchten Sie darьber informieren, dass Ihr Konto von einem nicht autorisierten Computer zugegriffen wurde.

Bitte besuchen Sie http://www.paylife.at und bestдtigen, dass Sie der Inhaber des Kontos sind.
Login : http://www.paylife.at

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PayPal account information:

We recently determined that different computers have logged into your account.
Therefore, your account has been limited.
To return to your PayPal account, you will need to update your account information.

It’s easy:1.Download the attached form and open it in a secure browser window.
2.Once opened, you will be provided with steps to restore your access, then follow the instructions.

Update account information, it is important because it helps us to prevent fraudsters from stealing your information.

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Received: from mail.shreadkuyrkendall.com ([])