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Charles Anthony Watma – Business Admin student

I am 23 years old and a 3rd year Business Admin student. My father was in the Precious Stone industry and owned mines in Ivory Coast. My father was a serving director of the Cocoa exporting board until his death . He was assassinated on August 2007 by the rebels following the political uprising. This development has affected me academically, physically and Psychologically and I have decided to come over to your country where I Would have peace to live and further my education and have contacted you to assist me to transfer out the sum of $US6.5M which my father deposited with prime bank in Zurich Switzerland, my upkeep.
I intend to invest this money in your business or any other business you deem healthy. However, my uncle do not know about this money and my father gave the documents to his lawyer, I’ll appreciate if you keep my letter confidential or delete if you do not accept my proposal. Please bear in mind that i do not want my late father relations to get to know about it because they have taken all my father’s properties.
You’ll be rewarded with 30% of the total Funds for your assistance.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Charles Anthony Watma